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BISD STRONG Winners - Spring 2024

Posted Date: 04/26/2024

BISD STRONG Winners - Spring 2024


Kathy Hines - x̌alilc Preschool Teacher

  • Kathy is a strong and resilient teacher who is loving and firm. We need more like her.

  • Kathy had a way about her. She can get any parent to volunteer and she's great with kids. She truly wants them to be successful and she understands that doesn't mean giving in to their toddler emotions or pandering to their antics. Loving firmness creates strong hearts and minds.

  • Kathy is resilient, dedicated and understanding. She doesn't get enough appreciation for her style of loving firmness. She truly gets the seeds she is planting.


Sakai Food Service - Sakai

  • This team has taken feeding our kiddos to a whole new level. The menus have improved to restaurant-quality meals. 

  • They work together to get the students at all the elementary schools and Sakai fed.

  • This team knows the students at Sakai by name and engages with them in a positive manner.

  • They go above and beyond every single day!

  • They are so wonderful with the students.

  • Words used to describe you include: Teamwork, innovative, dedicated, fun, student-orientated

Aimee Triana - BHS

  • Every single day, Aimee comes with an infectious optimism and sincerity that spreads to all people she comes in contact with, whether her direct students or not.

  • She brings her unique experiences to inspire and teach important lessons to those in the classroom. She causes the whole classroom to gravitate toward her, whether to get help with classwork or just to be part of the community she creates around her. 

  • In Modern World History with Mr. Hoffman, she uses her lived experiences growing up in a Cuban household and her knowledge of Cuban and global history to elevate nearly every conversation with analogies, anecdotes, and unique details that liven the whole room.

  • Aimee is an MVP: Most Valuable Para. Gifted with a Midas Touch for helping Learning Strategies students, anyone who works with her can attest: Miss Aimee makes a huge difference in the lives of Bainbridge High School students.

  • Not only do they know Miss Aimee is the go-to person for help with chemistry, but her encouragement and dedication to students involved in the BHS theatre program are also noteworthy.

  • Students are not the only beneficiaries of Aimee’s dedication: she makes a big difference in the lives of her colleagues. Aimee has made me a better teacher. As she’s shepherded students through my class the past several years, Aimee’s provided valuable feedback not only from a student's perspective but that of an educator, too! It feels as if I have a teaching coach in class several times a week, which is invaluable and greatly appreciated.

  • She is a fabulous liaison between special education teachers and general education teachers. Aimee is professional and personable and a student favorite for assistance with classwork.

  • Aimee is ready to assist anyone at any time and never has a bad word to say about anything. 

  • Words used to describe you include: Strong, profound, intelligent, positive, cheerful, helpful, approachable, professional, influential, selfless, hard-working, open, diligent, caring and supportive

Jean Kusenda - District Office

  • She's my TEAM! During my time as Student Records Coordinator, I worked by that I have Jean, I can't imagine life without her.

  • I never have to worry about things being taken care of while I am out. She's simply amazing!

  • Jean has been the "go-to" person for all data needs for the Educlimber system. She's managed to automate attendance, discipline, grades, courses, etc. to flow into the Educlimber software so that others can find data points necessary to support students.

  • She's dependable, self-motivated, intelligent, funny, has excellent processing skills, and is a self-learner.

  • She's always looking for ways to fulfill our district's wishes, support their goals, and help in any way possible.

Zahara Bowman - Blakely

  • Zahara is a student who just lights up your day. Her sparkling smile, sunny personality, and constant kindness are such a gift to our

  • school community.

  • Zahara has a wonderful attitude and never gives up or complains. She is flexible and a hard worker.

  • Zahara has a strong heart, mind and community that can be seen through her perseverance and joyful encouragement of those around her.

  • Zahara is one of the kindest students I know. She looks out for other kids and is always willing to help a friend. She has such a warm, bubbly personality that people all over our school are drawn to her. She makes people feel good and that is so important!

  • Zahara supports her peers in Math Group with kindness and patience that can be felt by all. She is the first to tell a peer who may be feeling stuck that they can do it!

  • Zahara is seen as a leader as she takes on challenges with determination and positivity. Her perseverance guides her through problems, working to find solutions even when they seem out of reach.

  • Zahara always notices the best in others and sets an example for others.

  • Words used to describe you include:  amazing,  caring, creative, determined, empathetic, friendly, fun, inclusive, joyful, kind, leader,  smart, smiley, steadfast, tenacious, warm, wonderful, and a hard worker

Ray Beyer- WMS

  • Ray Beyer is a thoughtful, kind, and compassionate young man in his words and actions.  

  • When he was in Culinary Arts, he modeled inclusion every day.  During many cooking classes this fall, Ray was part of a kitchen team that included a variety of skill levels and he took the initiative to include everyone in the tasks.

  • His ideas for including all students were for useful and desirable tasks, not just busy work.  

  • He was always polite and gentle.

  • It is an honor and a pleasure seeing Ray be so kind to others in class

  • Ray is a great example for other students to follow in this area.  He is a student who makes BISD strong.