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Connecting to Guest WIFI

Bring-Your-Own-Device or "BYOD" allows students and staff to connect their personally-owned wireless capable device (phone, tablet, laptop, etc...) to the school district's wireless network.  Before using BYOD, please review BISD policies and procedures.  To connect to our BYOD network, devices must first be enrolled with our system using a District Network/Windows account.  Please note, our Guest Wifi network is not encrypted and end-users should take care to only enter personal or confidential information on secured (https) websites.

Step 1: Connect to BISD-GUEST-WIFI.

A screenshot of a phone with the Wi-Fi settings open.


Step 2: Your device should be redirected to a sign-in portal.  Select the "Log In" link under "Staff and Students (BISD)"

Screen shot of Guest WIFI Log In options


Step 3: Login with your BISD Windows account.  This is your assigned BISD account credentials that you use to login to a Windows computer (do not include or

A login page for the BISD Guest WIFI


Step 4:  Wait about a minute and you should be connected.  

Screen shot of Guest WIFI in process of logging in.


Please note the following regarding BYOD:

  • The district is not responsible for troubleshooting personal devices.  
  • Internet traffic will be filtered to block inappropriate content as required by law for public schools.
  • District traffic will take priority over BYOD traffic. 
  • District resources such as files and printers will not be available on the BYOD network.  (This does not apply to cloud services such as Google Drive and Google Cloud Printers.)
  • Services may be blocked or limited on BYOD to ensure optimal performance for the district network.  Example: Streaming media, software updates and app downloads may be blocked.
  • Traffic can be monitored on the BYOD network and device access can be revoked if there is inappropriate use of district resources.
  • Devices not compliant with the BYOD compatibility list will not be supported.