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Health, Well-Being & Safety

Bainbridge Island School District will focus on and develop students' social and emotional skills to lead positive and healthy lives with strong connections, feeling of belonging, and a sense of hope throughout their time in the Bainbridge Island School District.


To reach this goal, we will:


  1. Focus on student relationships. 
  1. Know each student by their name, strengths and needs. 
  1. Provide professional development for staff in developing authentic relationships with students to achieve a healthy balance of social emotional health and academic success. 
  1. Nurture students' relationships with one another.


  1. Implement a cohesive social and emotional health curriculum throughout K-12. 
  1. Identify grade-level appropriate benchmarks, indicators, curricula and resources to be used in schools. 
  1. Create and develop tools and systems to ensure successful transitions between elementary, middle and high schools. 
  1. Focus school improvement efforts on developing social-emotional skills in students. 
  1. Examine our K-12 health class and consent curriculum in conjunction with new state standards. 


  1. Identify and use reliable indicators of student social-emotional health. 
  1. Solicit student voice and feedback to inform action steps. 
  1. Utilize multiple assessment measures to evaluate students' social and emotional health.


  1. Understand the neuroscience and age-appropriate developmental levels of students and use that understanding to build resilience in students. 
  1. Provide professional development for understanding the development of the brain, and in using brain-based strategies for learning. 
  1. Train teachers to recognize and address the effects of trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) on students. 
  1. Develop executive functioning skills in students.


  1. Partner with the community and families to meet the social and emotional health needs of BISD students. 
  1. Provide learning opportunities in the above-mentioned brain-based practices for parents, community and students. 
  1. Develop and grow partnerships with community resources and families to provide for student needs. 
  1. Establish a district system for schools to be able to support one another, especially in times of crisis.

    Health, Well-Being & Safety is one of the three focus areas of our District Improvement Plan. To learn more, click here to read the complete plan.

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