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District Budget Advisory Committee (DBAC)

Committee Information

2024 – 2025 Dates (Schedule Subject to Change)

 Meets monthly on the third Thursday of the month from 5:30-7 p.m.

  • September 11 (Wednesday due to Back to School Nights this month)
  • October 17
  • November 21
  • December 19
  • January 16
  • February 5 (Wednesday due to Mid-Winter Break)
  • March 20
  • April 23 (Wednedsay due to Passover + School Board meeting)
  • May 15


Location: BISD Board Room

The BISD Board Room is located off High School Road between Bainbridge High School and Commodore Options and adjacent to the lower gym. Map to Board Room 

Facilitator: Kim Knight, Chief Financial Officer


The District Budget Advisory Committee (DBAC) meets monthly in order to review the district budget, analyze expenditures and revenues, and have a general understanding of each budget area within the district:

  • General Fund
  • Capital Fund
  • Tech Levy Fund
  • Career Technical Education

Additionally, DBAC members are well versed in school district funding, apportionment and the staffing process completed each year. This committee looks for trends in either expenditures and revenues in order to advance deep thinking and creative solutions.

DBAC is fairly small team composed of:

  • BIEA and BIESPA representation (3)
  • Building administrator representatives (3)
  • District administrator representatives (3)
  • School Board directors (2)
  • Community representatives (3)
  • Certificated represenatives (2)
  • Classified representatives (2)

Committee meeting relevant documents can be found below. Click on a meeting date to access all information from that particular meeting.