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About Preschool/Early Childhood Services

Early Childhood Services

Bainbridge Island Early Childhood Services are a component of the Bainbridge Island School District and vary depending on the needs of the child and family.   We serve identified children and their families in the District’s Developmental Preschool programs and Head Start, as well as through individual or small group therapy. 

Developmental Preschool

The district offers a Developmental Preschool for eligible students and a limited number of tuition-paying, typically-developing peer models  Our Developmental Preschools are now open to typically-developing peer models. Families must reside on Bainbridge Island to be eligible for screening and/or services.

The Bainbridge Island Preschool Teams serve children who...

  • are ages 3 to 5 years (and are not currently enrolled in kindergarten)
  • have physical or mental disabilities, hearing or visual impairment, health conditions which affect learning, or who have significant delays in:
    • Communication development and/or Physical development (fine or gross motor skills) and/or
      • Cognitive development and/or
      • Social/emotional/behavioral development and/or
      • Adaptive (self-help) development
  • and who meet eligibility criteria as determined by the State Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

The American Academy of Pediatrics provides information regarding typical developmental milestones.

The Preschool Team includes a psychologist, speech/language, physical, and occupational therapists, as well as special education preschool teachers. Eligible children receive services based on their individual needs.


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Preschool Screenings

If you have concerns about your child’s development, Preschool Screenings occur once a month from September through April.  Screening spaces are limited and an appointment is required.

To schedule an appointment, please contact Mary-Beth Kobs, Special Education Preschool Coordinator, at 206-780-1479.  For children ages birth to three, the Preschool Team provides telephone screening and referral to Holly Ridge Center and other providers for evaluation and services. Please call Mary-Beth Kobs at 206-780-1479 for more information.

Depending upon evaluation results, the Preschool Team may recommend one of the following: consultation with the family and/or community preschool teacher, individual or small group therapy, or placement in one of the Bainbridge Island School District Developmental Preschool programs. Each child’s program is individually designed by the family and special education staff. The Bainbridge Island Preschool Teams work with families and community organizations to provide comprehensive, collaborative special education and related services.


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Please direct questions regarding special education and screening to:

Mary-Beth Kobs
Special Education Early Childhood Coordinator
Bainbridge Island School District
8489 Madison Ave NE
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

Please direct questions regarding peer models and applications to:

Sheila Jakubik
Peer Model Coordinator
Bainbridge Island School District
8489 Madison Ave NE
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110