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Transportation Lost & Found


Welcome to the ALP & Transportation Department Lost and Found service. Bus service lost and found is facilitated by the BHS Adult Living Program.

To inquire about an item lost on one of the district buses, please call 206-780-1485 after reviewing our photo gallery.



If you recognize an item, please leave us a message noting the item information (color and type of item), your name and phone number. We will contact you from Tuesday to Friday to follow up. Items can be picked up by appointment in our ALP class or, alternatively and upon request, items can be dropped off at the student's school. Please view on this page our gallery of current items found.


Lost and Found Process:

Our ALP students collect items twice a month. Items are washed, checked for name tags, pictured and displayed on our class page. We will keep items until the start of the summer break, after which time they will be donated to a local collection center or thrift store. Valuable items such as prescription glasses, purses, wallets, library books, technology and any identifiable items will be held longer or sent to the appropriate destination.

The ALP lost and found service fosters many job readiness skills, including following procedures, attention to detail, and customer service. We appreciate your flexibility and support in this new enterprise for the students of the BHS Adult Living Program.

ALP Lost and Found is located in Portable F and E at Ordway Elementary School. Please make an appointment before visiting, as classes are held each day.