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The district has guidelines and actions in place to protect staff, students and facilities in the event of a disaster or an emergency. Students and staff receive instruction about emergency procedures and drills and will abide by those rules and regulations.

Guardians should ask and be informed regarding emergency responses, especially the Student/Parent Reunion procedures. (Policy/Procedures 3432: Emergencies)

School delays and closures:

Emergency situations occasionally arise which may require school schedule delays, closure, or changes in transportation. Therefore, we encourage you to have a family plan covering actions to take in emergency situations:

  • What to do if a bus does not arrive
  • Who to call or contact
  • Where to go for help

Each family should ensure that their current emergency information is on file at their child’s/children’s school(s).

Accessing information about inclement weather and other emergency situations:

  • Internet
  • Media: Announcements start at 5:30 AM (or as soon as notice can be given after an emergency) for schedule changes. Our goal is to notify stations by 5:15 AM. Radio/TV stations will announce districts by name – “Bainbridge Island School District #303.” 


Standard phrases used in media announcements:

  • No Report - Schools on normal schedules. Note: Again, no announcement means normal operations.
  • Schools closed - All Bainbridge Island Public Schools will be closed for the day. All activities, including building use, are canceled. If conditions change during the day, special arrangements may be made for some activities.
  • Late start - Schools are open and late start times will be announced. Listen for information regarding different programs, i.e. preschool, out-of-district, or special education. Buses will run on normal routes unless Limited Bus Service is noted. Schools will be dismissed at the regularly scheduled time.
  • Limited Bus Service – Buses will run on limited service routes to avoid dangerous situations. A list of bus stops that will be used in the case of limited bus service is on the website under Transportation.


Other Emergency Situations:

Bainbridge Island Schools are prepared for a variety of emergency situations. Emergency plans are routinely reviewed and updated. Staff are trained to serve on a variety of response teams. 

The following points provide some direction regarding emergency situations:

  • In an emergency, all students will be kept at school until the end of the school day or longer if the emergency dictates.
  • Parents may provide an extended list of authorized adults to whom they give authority to pick up their children in an emergency situation.
  • Parents or authorized persons may remove their children from school in an emergency.
  • When checking students out during an emergency, parents or authorized adults must bring a photo ID.
  • Should conditions exist that make transportation impossible, students will be kept at school until the parent, guardian or an authorized adult comes to check the student out of school. It is expected that the parents/guardians/authorized adults will come as soon as possible to pick up their student(s).
  • In all situations, the superintendent may make other decisions depending on the type of emergency.
  • To check a student out of school during/after an emergency, the parent/guardian/authorized adult should:
    • have their picture ID with them when they arrive;
    • report to the area designated for student requests;
    • complete necessary paperwork;
    • proceed as directed to student pick-up area; and
    • wait for student(s) to be escorted to them.

Please remember that under many emergency conditions, telephone service may be unavailable for outgoing or incoming calls.